Academy Closure

Information for Parents and Carers

Academy Closure

Following the severe weather in recent years, we have now implemented a Severe Weather Protocol for Academy which will come into effect immediately.

It is our aim that the academy will remain open whenever possible but each situation will be assessed individually and will be subject to variation and change. As you will appreciate we must take into account both pupil and staff safety not only whilst in the academy but also in attempting to travel to and from the academy.

In the event of severe weather the protocol will be:

  1. The academy site will be assessed by key staff to ensure that it is safe and the heating and water are working to a satisfactory standard.
  2. We will notify parents if we are closed in the following ways: –
  • Via text messages
  • Via our official academy Facebook page
  • Via our academy Twitter feed
  1. We will advise if school is opening at the normal time or whether there is a later opening time.
  2. We will advise parents which classes should attend. Priority for opening will be given to the oldest children, i.e. Year 6 then Year 5 etc. depending upon the number of staff who actually arrive at school.
  3. Parents should expect to be requested to send their child with a packed lunch as sufficient catering staff may not be able to access the academy in order to provide a hot meal.
  4. For pupil and staff safety, if the severe weather relates to snow and ice, the gates on the playground entrances will not be opened and all parents and pupils will be required to use the main reception entrance at the start and end of the day.
  5. Parents must be aware that the situation will be monitored by key staff regularly and opening and closing times will be subject to variation such as opening later and closing earlier, depending upon the changes in the weather circumstances.
  6. We will endeavour to maintain effective communication with parents via the academy website, text and e-mail messages and, once staff arrive in school, via the telephone voicemail message and the school website.
  7. School staff will contact parents and carers as and when appropriate to organise a working party to help with clearing and gritting a pathway on the school driveway under the direction of key school staff.

Our school website is

Coming onto the academy site

All parents and carers should note the following when entering the academy site in snow and ice.

The gates off Calver Walk and Mancunian Road will be opened – care should be taken on the external pathways up to these entrances which may not have been gritted by the council.

All children should enter the academy via either the main door or the Friendly Faces entrance,  Please use the closest entrance for your journey regardless of whether your child is a junior or an infant.

Priority areas for gritting will be the main pathways to the academy entrance, the academy car park and then the pathways to the classroom doors.


This information is available to download in .pdf form: Academy Closure Information.