Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Schools receive additional funding for any pupils who have been eligible for free school meals during the last six years; pupils who are looked after by the local authority or who are in care and for pupils from families where a parent serves in the armed forces. This money is known as the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). Schools are free to spend this funding in any way they see fit. However, we are accountable as to how the additional funding has been used to support pupils from low income families. At Manor Green we have always worked relentlessly to support every child as effectively as we can so that they are able to achieve their full potential. With our extra funding, we will build upon our best practice in order to ensure that those pupils eligible for FSM achieve even higher standards. We will do this by using a variety of strategies which we have identified that accelerate pupil progress.

The links below outline our evaluation of our pupil premium allocation.

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