Curriculum Overview


At Manor Green Primary Academy, we pride ourselves on offering a unique curriculum offer to meet the academic and holistic needs of all learners.

We want to inspire an ambition for our children and staff to deepen their curiosity about, understanding of, and respect for, the world around them.

We do this through developing a range of characteristics which we believe are vital for children growing up in 21st Century Britain, to believe in themselves, to be kind, respectful, celebrating and accepting difference and to get along with others.

We want our children to become independent, resilient learners who are willing to take a risk and take responsibility for their own learning

We do all of this in a safe, engaging environment, promoting active learning.

At Manor Green Primary Academy we aspire, achieve and succeed!



Our curriculum based on the National Curriculum is knowledge and vocabulary rich providing many opportunities to build cultural capital.

The curriculum is designed so that teaching models and scaffolds successful learning through the signature pedagogy of each subject.

The consistent use of high quality, inspiring texts building upon children interests, supports the acquisition of knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

It is planned, through appropriately designed sequences of learning to develop lasting knowledge, building upon prior knowledge to equip our children for lifelong learning and success.



As a Focus-Trust academy we share a vision, values and commitment and welcome and embrace the requirement to teach Relationships Education in our academy. We believe that the content of the Relationships Education curriculum is appropriate, important and relevant for our children. The full Focus-Trust Relationship Education statement is available here: Focus-Trust Relationships Education Statement (March 2019).