Attendance and Punctuality

Children who attend Manor Green Primary Academy are expected to attend school punctually, every day. This is vital for success and to establish positive life habits necessary for future success. This also minimises the risks of pupils conducting anti-social behaviours. Regular attendance also encourages your child to build friendships and develop social groups, working together as a whole team, sharing ideas and developing on life skills, they will also inevitably miss out on essential learning and on events taking place such as school visits. Children’s social skills are also enhanced by regular attendance.

Staff at Manor Green Primary Academy strive to make the school a happy and rewarding experience for all children. School has excellent pastoral provisions which are supportive and inclusive, and the Learning Mentor will support any child and family in order to ensure the child’s attendance at school. She will work closely with Mrs Kellock (Vice Principal), Mrs Flowers, School Secretary and the Education Welfare Officer.